IAQ Management Method

What is Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)?

IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) refers to quality of indoor air.
Main living space of modern men is indoors, so indoor air quality has become very important.

Modern men spend most of their days indoors, such as home, school, work, and public transportation.
This is why indoor air quality is important to health maintenance and management of modern men.
Natural ventilation is the best way to manage indoor air quality, however the reality is that we cannot leave windows wide open and ventilate due to fine dust and yellow dust.
Then, is it better to keep windows closed and not ventilate because of outdoor pollutants?

  • Increase of indoor life

  • Increase of cars and traffic

  • Increase of fine dust and yellow dust

How is HIMPEL ventilation system different?

HIMPEL ventilation system can be customized to any space.
From 3 types of mechanical ventilation system, we offer type 1 ventilator,
which is a ventilation system for residential space, and type 3 ventilation, which is a ventilation system for bathroom space.

Type Direct Current Ventilation
Type Type 1 Ventilation
(Mechanical exhaust · supply)
Type 2 Ventilation
(Natural exhaust + mechanical supply)
Type 3 Ventilation
(Mechanical exhaust + natural supply)
  • Both air blower and exhaust fan can be used
  • Steady indoor pressure
  • The most excellent ventilation
  • Send air indoors through air blower and naturally exhaust through exhaust pipe and gap
  • No other air coming in besides ventilated air
  • Exhaust may enter to other rooms
  • Use when providing purified air
  • Exhaust indoor air through exhaust fan
  • Install where air is coming indoor to not disturb ventilation
  • Suitable for areas of odor, harmful gas, and steam generated
Examples buildings, hospitals, offices, basements, and houses
(Conditioning equipment, heat exchanger system)
Operating room, aseptic room, and food factory Machinery room, bathroom, and swimming pool
Remarks Waste heat recovery available Waste heat recovery unavailable Waste heat recovery unavailable

How is HIMPEL ventilation purifier different from air purifier

Type Air purifier Ventilation purifier (Heat exchanger)
Installation Living room or room Balcony or veranda
Purifying area Located area only (products required per room) Entire area (with 1 equipment within 2 hours)
Air volume Undisclosed by manufacturer (difficult to measure) 100 to250CHM (able to set to desired air volume)
Noise 40~60dB Under 40dB
Filter Prefilter, charcoal deodorizing filter, HEPA filter Prefilter, medium filter, HEPA filter
Space limitation Installation space occupied and surrounding area limited None (ceiling type)
Pros and cons Difficulty in harmful gas removal and oxygen supply Harmful gas removal and oxygen supply available